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•   Bulgarian Telecommunication Company

•   CEZ- Bulgaria “Power Distribution- Sofia”;

•   CEZ- Bulgaria “Power Distribution- Sofia Region”- Sofia;

•   EON- Bulgaria, “Power Distribution Varna”;

•   EON- Bulgaria, “Power Distribution”- Gorna Oryahovitsa;

•   “Assarel-Medet”- Panagyurishte;

•   “Vidima-Ideal”-Sevlievo;

•   National Electric Company- Sofia;

•   NEC, branch “TPP- group Rhodopi”;

•   NEC, branch “TPP- group Rila”;

•   Power transmission companies - Plovdiv, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Pleven, Bourgas,

•   TPP “Varna”;

•   TPP “Maritsa-East-3”;

•   TPP “Maritsa- East-2”;

•   “Brikel” PLC;

•   “District Heating Company Plovdiv” PLC, “District Heating Company Sliven” PLC;

•   Technical University of Sofia;

•   University of Medicine- city of Plovdiv;

•   University Hospital “St George”- city of Plovdiv;

•   Academy of Music and dance Art - city of Plovdiv;

•   Medical College;

•   Regional Employment Center- city of Plovdiv;

•   Plovdiv Regional Court;

•   “National Savings Bank” PLC - city of Plovdiv;

•   MMP “Metallic” PLC - city of Pazardjik
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