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Control Organ type C in accordance with Bulgarian State Standard EN ISO/IEC 17020:2005
Control Organ at Odiko-69 Ltd is accredited by the Bulgarian Council of Voluntary Certification, Attestation 24/2005.The company has applied for accreditation by the BCC.
The subject of activity of the Control Organ comprises the following:
1.  Physical environmental factors
2.  Physical-chemical environmental factors
•    non-toxic dusts in air
3.   Chemical environmental factors
•    chemical agents in air
4.   Physical overload
5.   Electrical appliances and equipment up to 1000 V
•    contour impedance phase-protective conductor
•    insulation resistance
•    protective and lightning-protective grounding installations
•    defective-power protection
6.   6. Efficiency of air-conditioning and ventilation installations
•    air speed
•    debit
Protocols and a correspondence certificate are issued on the basis of the implemented control

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